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  • The purpose of the notice is to advise Class Members of Johnson v. Yahoo! Inc. that, by order of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, this former class action is decertified. The Court determined that this action can no longer proceed as a class action. Individuals who were previously members of the Class and who wish to pursue their claims against Yahoo must now bring their claims in individual lawsuits.

  • The notice applies to all members of the former Class, defined as:

    "All persons within the United States to whose cellular telephone number Yahoo! sent the “Welcome” text message during the period commencing March 1, 2013 through March 31, 2013, while such cellular number was assigned to Sprint, and whose cellular telephone number is not associated with a Yahoo! user in Yahoo!’s records.”

    The “Welcome” message stated:  “A Yahoo! user has sent you a message. Reply to that SMS to respond. Reply INFO to this SMS for help or go to”


  • Individuals who were previously members of the Class have the following options:

    1. You may choose to do nothing. If you do nothing, then you will have no lawsuit against Yahoo.
    2. You can choose to pursue an individual lawsuit against Yahoo. If you wish to file such a lawsuit, you should consult an attorney of your choosing as soon as possible.


    Your legal rights are affected by applicable statutes of limitations, which require that lawsuits be brought within a specified time. The applicable statutes of limitations for former class members’ claims were suspended during the pendency of the class action, but with the decertification, they have started to run again. If you wish to file an individual lawsuit, it is essential that you act promptly because your claims may be barred by the statutes of limitations.

  • To learn more about other developments in this case, including to access a copy of the Complaint, the Court order certifying the former class, the Court order decertifying the former Class, and subsequent orders relating to Ms. Johnson’s claim, please visit the Important Documents page. You can also call Keogh Law, Ltd. (the law firm that was formerly representing the now-decertified class) toll free at (866) 726-1092 or e-mail them at if you still have any questions.

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